“As a Pilates instructor, I have learned from a lot of teachers. Erin is the best! She has a keen eye and a powerful understanding of human movement. She is smart, committed, fun, and most importantly, kind. She is a gifted teacher with dedicated students demonstrating proven results. I greatly enjoy my lessons with Erin and I look forward to more.”
Patrick Lui – Pilates Instructor and Client

“Erin is an excellent teacher of Pilates. She thoroughly understands the Pilates method as well as how to cue a student to get the most from each exercise. Also, Erin’s knowledge of posture and movement has helped me so much to integrate Pilates principles into my everyday life.”
Linda Sue – Client

“Studio 19 Pilates is a boutique, light-filled studio offering instruction in the classical pilates tradition. Erin, the owner, delivers the classical repertoire with confidence and grace. She holds her students to the highest standards and each week offers fresh insight into the breath, articulation or flow. I’ve been a student of Erin’s for nearly ten years. I always leave the studio feeling challenged and conditioned, yet simultaneously energized and with a sense of inner calm. The studio is equipped with Peak and authentic Gratz equipment. The design and careful proportions of these machines allows you to build strength and control with amazing efficiency and to truly connect body and springs as Pilates, himself, intended.”
Jen Lippa – Client

Working with Ali was an absolute delight. Her warm and open personality made it easy to listen and focus without feeling the pressure of perfection. Her overall awareness and cues to get my body where she wanted were precise and simple, which is not always the case, as I have had many different Pilates instructors. Ali helped me unlock parts of my posture I had never tapped into before. I am truly grateful for my time with her and would recommend her to anyone looking to become more aware of how ones body should move.
Ryan Kalish – American Professional Baseball Outfielder

My name is Julia Budd and I am a professional mixed martial artist. In April 2016 I had an opportunity to fight for the World championship, unfortunately I was sidelined by 2 herniated discs in my low back. After 6 weeks of therapy, I started Pilates training with Alison Denham. Before I started training with Alison I thought my career in MMA was over. Within a couple months I started feeling a core strength that I had never felt before. I was feeling deep muscles that I had never felt and I started back to MMA training stronger and more confident than ever.
In March 2017 I had my opportunity again to compete for the inaugural 145lb world championship and I left the cage with my hands raised. I tell everyone that I know that if it weren’t for Alison and the Pilates work that she has done with me I do not think my body would have held up in my sport at this level. Alison is an incredible Pilates teacher, full of knowledge, passion and light.
Julia ‘ The Jewel ‘ Budd – Bellator Women’s Featherweight Champion

I started Pilates over a year ago, and Ali was my first private instructor. When I met her, I was struggling with PTSD and a lot of imbalances in my body—including movement dysfunction, pain, physical discomfort, emotional issues, and a seizure disorder. Ali has a warm and healing approach. She was immediately attentive and sensitive toward me; I felt cared for in a very personal sense, and knew I could trust her to help me. She is very knowledgeable in the different facets of the moving body. Ali pinpointed the origins of my physical movement dysfunctions, and expertly guided me to strengthen key areas thereby helping me re-pattern my muscle actions into more efficient and functional movements. Her classes are doable no matter my mood or how my body feels—and yet she knows how to challenge me and help me reach my goals for a particular session. In other words, Ali is highly attuned and present as a teacher, and she genuinely cares about each person she works with. Due to my Pilates sessions with Ali, within a year, my body and mind have changed dramatically. Working with her on the mat, and chair, and the Pilates equipment, has helped my spine and deep muscles to engage integrally with my nervous system. I now manage my PTSD symptoms better. Coordinating my breath, moving muscles, and body systems including my nervous system, in an optimum way has allowed me more ease, freedom of movement, and expression. I look forward to each knew session and class with Ali. She is always joyful and caring and gives me confidence. Ali is an inspiration, and one of the best teachers I’ve ever had the honor to work with.
Emily C. Stansberry – Client

When I started working with Ali, I had spent almost my entire life training and working as a dancer. I had encountered many movement teachers in many different modalities, including Pilates, but I still often felt that I was missing some big pieces of information about how to efficiently move my body. I also had a lot of pain from old injuries.
Working with Ali has been incredibly illuminating. I am walking differently, dancing differently, finding new sensations and feeling much stronger in all areas of my life. I feel like I am on the road to finding those missing pieces I had always been looking for! Working with Ali has made me a more confident and passionate movement teacher myself.
It is impossible to overstate the impact that Ali’s Pilates teaching has had on my life.
Kate Franklin – Professional Contemporary Dance Artist