Studio 19


Studio 19 Pilates offers a beautiful, clean, light-filled space in which you can expect to receive expert instruction that is sensitive to your personal needs. It is our goal to help you use Classical Pilates to look and feel your best. We have personally experienced, and have seen again and again, the ways in which dedication to the Pilates method can promote strength, health, and even a happier outlook on life. We invite you to join us at Studio 19 to experience the power of Pilates.


Single Private Lesson – $1055 Private Lessons – $500 ($100 per)10 Private Lessons – $950 ($95 per)

A personalized Pilates lesson providing one-on-one instruction on a variety of Pilates equipment. Privates are the best way to learn Pilates and to receive instruction that addresses your individual needs and goals. Pilates was originally designed to be an individualized workout because this is the way achieve the best results!

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Online Private Session

Single Online Private – $1055 Online Private Lessons – $500 ($100 per)10 Online Private Lessons – $950 ($95 per)

These session are taught in the comfort of your own home. If your have your own equipment that can be used but all that’s necessary is a mat for an individualized fantastic workout.

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Single Duet Lesson – $655 Duet Lessons – $300 ($60 per)

* all prices are per person.

The ideal way to share a Pilates lesson with a friend or partner. Your instructor will provide each participant with a personalized and challenging workout and make use of variety of Pilates equipment. Duet lessons work best when both participants have some prior experience with Pilates.

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In-Home Privates

Single In-Home Private – $1655 In-Home Privates – $800 ($160 per)

These sessions offer individualized Pilates instruction in the privacy of your own home or office. Your instructor will travel to the Vancouver location of your choice and provide customized instruction. In this case, any equipment used must be provided by the client.

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Mat Group Classes

A crucial part of the Pilates method, many of the most challenging exercises are in the mat work. Done in small groups, these classes offer a fun, challenging and invigoration workout. We recommend booking your group classes online and in advance to ensure your spot, as there is limited capacity.

*We recommend that all new students take a few private lessons before joining a group mat class. This will help you to understand the fundamentals of Pilates and to benefit more from the mat classes.

Classical Pilates Mat Group Classes

The original matwork taught as Joseph Pilates created it. Mat classes provide a challenging workout that will cover the foundational elements of the matwork and will help you build a strong, connected core. As clients regularly attend classes and progress, intermediate and advanced exercises will be introduced with a goal of reaching full original 34 exercises. Levels are dependant on the participating  clients. Beginners welcome.

$40 per person

Advanced registration required. 24 hour cancellation policy applies.